Macintosh Data Recovery Software

Mac is a popular computer operating system designed by Apple Corporation. The Macintosh operating system supports different storage media like SCSI, memory Card, pen drive, USB flash drive, iPod, SATA and IDE. Files and folders of mac hard disk may become corrupt due to several reasons like disk partition errors, virus attacks, presence of large bad sectors and system shutdown. If the Macintosh data files become corrupt then a user will not be able to see his/her valuable data saved in these files. Mac recovery is a versatile tool that can repair corrupt files and folders of the Macintosh hard disks. This impressive tool support all versions of Mac (HFS, HFS +).

Salient properties of Mac data recovery software:
mac data recovery tool
  • Supports Mac operating systems (HFS and HFS+) for data recovery
  • Supports Macintosh data repair on the different storage devices like SATA, IDE, Pen drive, Flash drive, iPad, iPod, Micro SD card and SCSI
  • Simple to operate and no specific training is required for the software
  • Restores deleted files and folders from the mac drives
  • Runs on window operating system

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Recovery process by Mac data recovery tool

Mac recovery utility uses advanced algorithm to repair all types of damaged video, music, texts and image files from the Macintosh hard disks. There are two volume identity options in this program i.e., use partition table and search partition. If you select use partition table option, the program will display the mac partition table on storage device. The software will begin searching of all mac data files on the mac hard disk and display the results in a tree. User can click on recovery option of the software to select some or all Macintosh data files for repairing.

Download the trial version:

Mac recovery software works on different versions of Windows. Mac data recovery trial version is available free of cost and can be used for evaluation purpose. You must have a window computer to install the free or licensed version of the software. You can connect a mac storage device with window computer via USB or Ethernet port. The free program will show only a preview of all recovered files and folders from the Macintosh drive. To save the retrieved files on either mac drive or window hard disk of your system, you should buy licensed version of the program.

Minimum system requirements:
  • 50 MB of disk space for installation
  • A personal computer using Windows operating system
  • At least 64 MB memory
Corruption Reasons
  • Wrong method of hard disk formatting
  • Accidental deletion of file
  • Bad sectors
  • Logical or physical errors
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Support Center
Money Back Guarantee
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Software Awards
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Supported Versions
  • Supports all versions of Mac OS i.e., HFS and HFS+
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows operating system i.e., 95, NT, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10